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Purpose-Driven Investment Strategies

Rather than a one-size-fits all approach, we tailor your strategy to the specific goals you have and aim to minimize risk along the way to achieving them. 


  Essential Capital

Essential Capital is a conservative strategy designed to reduce the eroding impacts of inflation. It is best suited for short-term investors that have very little tolerance for market volatility.  

  Defender Plus

Defender Plus is designed to create substantial current income and has a small, secondary goal to grow in value. Defender Plus is most appropriate for investors who rely heavily on their portfolio for income.

  All Weather

All Weather has evenly balanced goals of creating income and getting modest growth. It is best suited for investors that rely on their portfolio for current income, and may need that income to grow over time to offset increased living costs.

  Core Growth

Core Growth focuses on long-term capital appreciation with a minor emphasis on reducing volatility. This strategy is most appropriate for investors who are willing to participate heavily in the equity markets and have a modest need for portfolio income within the next ten years.

  Select Opportunity

Select Opportunity aims to capture long-term, excess returns by seeking out unique investments across the globe. It is most appropriate for investors that can stomach the effects of major market swings and have no need for portfolio income within the next ten years. 

Disciplined Portfolio Management

Risk mitigation and portfolio construction are the two cores of our disciplined investment process.

Together with our LPL Investment Research Team, we develop capital market assumptions – forecasts for inflation, interest rates, and market returns on different types of assets. In turn, these assumptions create the framework for how we divide your investments among different asset classes (i.e. stocks and bonds) and how we select the investments within each class. 

In our effort to reduce portfolio risk for the given environment, our Investment Committee meets monthly to review our philosophy and discuss key developments that could lead to adjustments within our strategies. Changes are made to individual portfolios when appropriate. 

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