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Investment Strategies

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Investment Strategies

Tailored to You

Your investment strategy begins and ends with you, our client. Our proprietary investment strategies keep us accountable to helping you achieve your long-term investment goals by building a portfolio that is truly unique to you.


Proactive Communication

You deserve to know what’s happening with your money. Our aim is to simplify the investment process by explaining when and why certain strategies makes sense for you, and by keeping you informed of changes as they happen.


Unique Process

Tax Diversification in Building Wealth

Together, we create a plan for allocating your money to accounts with various tax treatments, keeping your investment plan adaptable to newfound tax law and changes to your individual tax situation.

Risk Awareness

Understanding your personal attitude towards risk lays the foundation of your Personal Risk Number. Your Personal Risk Number helps us gauge your ideal balance between preserving capital and achieving returns, and guides portfolio decisions related to different risk/reward tradeoffs.

Asset Allocation and Investment Selection

Using rigorous screening, our advisors allocate your money to strategies designed for enhancing your wealth.

Tax Location

A key to our investment style is to select investments that effectively reduce the drag on your after-tax returns.


Our team provides comprehensive monitoring of your accounts held at Arazon and elsewhere to ensure that your entire portfolio works together the way it should.


When appropriate, our advisors make strategic trades to keep your portfolio aligned with its purpose.

Tax Diversification in Retirement

By identifying your various retirement income sources and how they impact one another from a tax perspective, we can help you design, maintain, and adjust an income plan built for tax efficiency.